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The passionate about the world of cars


It is in the automobile world and associations. He's always been passionate about the car world. He started with sports cars and only had sports cars since his license sacrificed himself at many points like the holiday when everyone left there worked to save slowly and that for almost 10 years. He always wanted to have a rs3 and put his personal touch to make it unique as never a rs3 was 1 out of 1 and he did it in all the vehicles he has.

A name was made by the name of butcher for this very involved in the cars he owns and in his driving, but always with respect for others. His greatest challenge has been to be patient to start from 0 with nothing and gradually work his way to where he is. Among the difficult times, he remembers where he comes from what he didn't have and forgets that I came by his own means.

“The advice that I would have appreciated being given is to stay focused on my goals until they have been achieved”. His dream is to keep making all he wants.

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