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Olesya Rodionova, an incredible artist


Olesya Rodionova-fashion model, singer, mother of three daughters, lawyer, Vice miss Russia, co-founder of a construction company, regional Director of an international beauty contest. I love skiing, paragliding, and traveling.

«I’ve always wanted to be a singer. During my school years, I sang in the Kuban Cossack choir, and now I’m building a career as a pop performer», she said.

«I am currently actively recording my first album and plan to release it by spring. Of the modern performers, I admire Jennifer Lopez. I like her style, as well as the way she looks at her age», she said.

«The best advice I can give everyone is not to dream, but to set goals and do everything that depends on you to achieve them. The Internet has greatly influenced the music business, it has enabled many musicians to become heard and popular», she said.

«I am unique in that I combine the success of motherhood – I have 3 daughters and a career as a singer and model. My daughters are proud of me, and many fans often ask how I manage to look so beautiful. The secret of success is love», she said.

«Everything I do, I do with love also became a successful photostylist and conducted more than 100 stylized photo shoots, as well as organized author’s international photo tours. I also launched my own clothing line, under the brand “Olesya Rodionova», she said.

Instagram: @lesya_rodionowa