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Travel and fashion with Vincent Van Hoeck

Vincent Van Hoeck was born in Brussels on 04/21/1961. Since I was very young, I used to pull my mother in all the stores. "My parents, who were not businessmen (they worked for SABENA, the Belgian airline and traveled all over the world (hence no doubt my pronounced love of travel...) didn't understand," said Vincent Van Hoeck. Vincent Van Hoeck tells of his childhood. "When I was 20 years old, I took over my first clothing store in the Galerie de la Reine in the historic center of Brussels. Since I had no money, a bank lent me everything. I was the first to distribute two new Belgian brands in the ones i believed Vincent Van Hoeck told that he presented Shoes and sneakers to NEW BALANCE in Belgium. "Two years later, I opened a much bigger store at the Galerie du ROI where I sold around a hundred brands. I traveled a lot between Paris, Milan, London and Munich to choose my collections for the prestigious fashion shows of DOLCE GABBANA, Yves Saint Laurent or BURBERRY”, said Vincent Van Hoeck. Vincent Van Hoeck with more details of his story.

"So I decided to grow up and settle, over the years, in various major cities in Belgium. It had up to 12 stores and a lot of staff. I was the largest distributor, in volume and image, of the ARMANI and RALPH LAUREN brands," he said. "Then I expanded into shoe, accessory and leather goods stores. In my private life, I married young and soon became a father. I got divorced when my daughter was two years old and obtained full custody of my daughter in court. I raised her alone, without a mother, for 20 years,” he said.