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"Max Wagner: Your guide to improve your social skills"


Max Wagner became the #1 Go To Guy for men who want to improve their love life. He has studied human behavior and social dynamics since he was 8 years old and psychology since he was 16. He had an extremely hard childhood. Max grew up in poverty. He and his sister were the only black children in their town in Germany.


While trying to protect his younger sister, Max Wagner was hit. That led him to work on his masculinity and understand why human beings can be so tricky.


All the pressure, pain and growing insecurities couldn't stop him from studying at one of the most famous universities in Germany, the Julius-Maximilians-Universität in Würzburg.


While he was practicing his profession as a teacher, he had social psychology as a subject, which interested him a lot since he always analyzed social interactions, hierarchies and dynamics.


However, he wanted to create his own Philosophy, beliefs and teachings based on real world experience.


Later, he trained female Psychology as the most successful trainer of the two largest dating companies.


Max Wagner trained tens of thousands of men on how to be a man of value and how to better understand women, leading those men to have more fulfilling relationships and live healthier lives.


Most feminist groups encourage Maximilian to share his views on how to treat women with respect by being a strong man.


While there are many charlatans who pretend to have a lifestyle that they don't have to make money. Max's lifestyle is clearly transparent to everyone.

He has dated happy top-models from all over the world, he is well connected with celebrities and influential businessmen.


Max has nothing against the dating industry and wishes everyone the best. He just doesn't believe that Pick-up techniques and woman-hating are the best ways to live a fulfilling dating life with high-quality women.


Most of his clients are successful businessmen, tech guys, celebrities, or men who just want more out of life. For this reason, Max does not attract „pick-up artists“.


Max Wagner has become a recognized brand for understanding human beings and social structures around the world.


Among celebrities, Max Wagner is well known and highly respected.


Just to name a few: Max helped Benedikt Poelchau aka Benny Blanko (Manager of World Champion Tyson Furry, Manager of the Year 2022) organize SES-BOX-GALA which was the biggest German boxing event of 2022.

He has met many A-level celebrities. This month he was in Poland. He has met Wojtekgola who is the founder of Famemmatv. 


In addition, he was invited to countless movie premieres.

E.g. he was invited this month to the premiere of „pokusa“, which became one of the best films among Poles.


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