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Ismael Zita currently lives on the Newport shoreline. He is the CEO of UGS Inversión y Seguridad, a real estate investment company, where they have been operating in Los Angeles since 2012.


¨I always dreamed of owning properties and developing buildings¨ Ismael tells us. ¨My dream is to be more successful and grow my company into a renowned international company. I see myself as a successful businessman and a successful family man.


What makes you stand out in your sector, why are you unique?

¨What makes me stand out is that I have better marketing and better personal communication¨ says Ismael



How did you or your company make a name for yourself in your industry, especially in the beginning?

¨With our good business ethics and my personal reputation¨


What advice do you wish someone had given you early in your career?

¨Start soon. I chose it because every year millionaires are made with the real estate sector. It's beautiful to see and build the business from the ground up. What I highlight as a success is that I earned my first million at the age of 29”



Learn more at: https://instagram.com/justishlife