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Hussein El Hadaoui: The successful businessman behind a million-dollar company


Hussein El Hadaoui, is a young businessman originally from Morocco, but born and raised in Norway, where he currently lives. He is 44 years old and is married. He has 3 children.


He owns a plumbing company called Norsk Rørservice AS. It started in 2009 and currently has 35 employees. It reached a turnover of NOK 55 million in 2022.


His education was with a KEM engineer in plumbing. It carries out all jobs such as sprinklers, heating and sanitation for, among other things, hotels and large office concepts. This year they expect a turnover of NOK 64 million. His goal is to have a turnover of NOK 100 million by 2025. His office is located in the nicest part of Oslo, Norway.


In 2009 he founded Norsk Rørservice AS. He bought a tool van for NOK 20,000 and put in long hours. Today, his former boss, from whom he apprenticed from 2002 to 2008, works with him in his office. He is your employee.


When it started it was difficult because I had to work many nights. But the key is to be serious, keep your word and always smile at the customer. That way, you will get a lot of new clients and then you could start hiring plumbers for your company.


There were days when he thought he was going to give up, but his wife always supported him and gave him the push he needed all the time. If he had a wife who wasn't supportive or complained that he wasn't home with the kids, etc., he probably wouldn't be where he is today. tells us


He has won Norway's Gassele Award, Fastest Growing Companies in 5 Years, Scandinavia's Best Plumbing Company, Norway's Best Craftsman, Norway's Best Plumber.


He has been on a TV series on TVNorge for 6 years, where he was the plumber. The show was called Angry Carpenter. He has become known for renovating super nice bathrooms for famous profiles in Norway. This is something I proudly show off on my Instagram page called HusseinFikser.


It is signed with Maxsocial, which is owned by Schibsteds (owner of our largest newspapers, VG and Aftenposten). Your manager's name is Karianne Fjeldheim. They organize a fair amount of publicity for him which they pay me for.