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Dejan Pavlovic: The Professional Day Trader Making a Difference


Dejan Pavlovic is 33 years old and I am a professional day trader. "I was in a normal salaried relationship 6 years ago and I no longer wanted to have a normal job and income. So I have been searching how one could still earn money like this. I founded my first e-commerce company. Since I quickly realized I realize that it is not what I really want because I have invested a lot of time. I have given up too. And that's how I am after a while on the day that the trade stumbled, "he said.


Dejan Pavlovic recounted his origins. "First I started trading with normal market techniques and quickly lost a lot of money because I wasn't properly trained. Then I started searching and met my mentor (Marcus). He is an extremely good professional trader and he trained me personally. So I had the opportunity to develop further and today I am one of the best professional day traders and head trading trainer at one of the leading trading companies in Europe.I have become better and better at trading and have honed my own trading style.In parallel with the trading, I did my Master's in Neuro-Linguistic Programming to better understand certain human thought processes and develop myself personally.


Dejan Pavlovic talked about his present. "Today I can help countless people with my knowledge to succeed in the stock market and to develop mentally and personally. Through my successful trading, he accumulated a large amount of capital that he could reinvest in other companies. Thus, he accumulated a passive income and I am an investor and entrepreneur," he said.