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Passion for Porsches: Jassim, the lover of sports cars


Jassim’s love affair with Porsches began early on when his father owned several of these iconic cars in the early 90s. From the moment he laid eyes on them, Jassim was captivated by their sleek lines, powerful engines, and the unique driving experience they offered. His passion for Porsches only grew over time, and in 2006 he purchased his very own Porsche, immersing himself in the Porsche community and lifestyle. However, Jassim’s real claim to fame came through his pursuit of rare Porsche memorabilia, which he has been collecting and improving ever since. His impressive collection includes some of the rarest and most unique Porsche memorabilia items, which he takes great pride in sharing with fellow enthusiasts. Jassim’s dedication to preserving and celebrating the history of Porsche has earned him a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable collectors in the world.

«I am unique because I have the largest and rarest Porsche scale model cars .. which has impressed my fellow porsche enthusiasts worldwide», he said.

«In addition to my vast collection of scale model ,I also have a collection of Porsche memorabilia, including books, magazines, vintage posters, and even race-used parts and accessories. I am truly passionate about all things Porsche and love sharing my collection with fellow enthusiasts», he said.