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"The secret to the success of this car dealer in Qatar: Honesty and integrity"

The official distributor of Brabus and the official dealer of urban cars has been operating since 2018 and now it has told its story. «We started with a vision to be the best in the automotive business in Qatar, and in 5 years we have more than doubled our size as well as acquired exclusive distribution rights from verified international brands such as BRABUS Germany, NOVITEC Group, Onyx Concept Official & Urban Automotive,» he said.


In addition, they told how the application is on Instagram. «We are also the largest auto business related social media Instagram platform in Qatar thanks to our exceptional content and the unique cars we offer to our customers,» he explained.



«In those 5 years, we managed to create a VVIP client list that includes public figures, football players and members of the royal family,» he said.


«We provide exceptional customer service to anyone who walks into our showroom,» he said.


They talked about the needs of their customers. «We have understood the needs that our customers have, and we go above and beyond to serve them. This includes doing business outside of Qatar in exporting vehicles, providing vehicle delivery services to our customers’ homes, as well as providing detailing and maintenance for the vehicles after they have bought them from us,» he explained.


They also recounted their greatest achievement. «Our biggest and most recent achievement was moving to a larger showroom on July 2, 2022,» he explained.


Finally, they talked about the location. «The location we chose is very lively and a major tourist attraction due to the fact that it is across the street from Place Vendome shopping mall, Qatar’s newest and most luxurious shopping mall.»