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Finding oneself: from red carpet to spiritual revelation


Ben Decker is a former celebrity publicist known for his star-studded red-carpet events and high
profile activism with anti-human trafficking organization ´Unlikely Heroes’ and numerous
other charitable causes. After a spiritual awakening triggered by the death of a loved one,
he’s now best kown for his work as a spiritual healer.

Benjamin William Decker is the direct descendant of the founders of the famous Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and his family immigrated from Amsterdam before the
United States was ever founded.

Nowadays, he is a world-renowned meditation teacher, bestselling author of four books on
meditation, and noted golden child of the new age movement with endorsements from new
age icons Marianne Williamson and Michael Beck with among a long list of others.

Since 2016, Decker has led wellness retreats in Costa Rica featuring meditation, yoga,
workshops and Amazonian plant medicine, ayahuasca, at the world’s first medically licensed
facility to offer the plant medicine.

He is also the host of The Modern Spirituality Podcast, where he examines the universal
perennial wisdom of a variety of multi-cultural spiritual traditions in search of a global
theology. A self-identified «theosophist,» Decker believes that there is a genuine spiritual
kinship among all the world’s spiritual and religious traditions in their inner, or esoteric core.
Ben’s study and practice of meditation is extremely rare because of his deep interfaith
exploration of the areas where all major world religions overlap or, as he says, «harmonize».
But he’s not one of those shallow new age influencer «coaches,» he’s the real deal. He
travels all over the world to ancient sacred sites and brings groups for activations, group
ceremonies, and trainings, not only to help people help themselves, but with a higher goal of
engaging more and more people in spiritually informed philanthropy, activism, anti-racism
work, and political involvement.

About his personal life, Ben is open about his bisexuality and currently he is in a relationship with Brazilian spiritual influencer Sah D’Simone @sahdsimone.

Ben will continue on the path of spiritual discovery, traveling and getting to know other cultures in order to reach more and more people and continue to heal and help them to rediscover themselves
and their spirituality.