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Felipe Gomes is one hot model from Brazil

The glamorous industry of modeling has so many hot, smart and talented guys impacting the globe with their outstanding modeling work. Moreover, their association with some reputed brands, TV shows, movie premieres establishes the value of the respective brands and shows infinitely. Today, we would like to share some interesting events of an international model who has given befitting competition to the modeling industry around the world. Felipe Gomes is one hot model from Brazil – let’s check about him here.  

Felipe Vieira Gomes is a Professional Model from Brazil. A renowned personality from Sao Paulo, Felipe has travelled to many countries from Miami to Germany, Dubai to Istanbul, all associated with his modeling work. The Brazilian model was an invitee to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, 2022. His most prominent work comes with his contesting the 4th season of Love Island USA.


The prestigious 2022 evening of the Cannes Film Festival saw some reputed personalities gracing the red carpet. The Brazilian model, Felipe Gomes received the honor to walk on the red carpet to attend a movie premiere at the 75th Cannes Film Festival. The model was seen in a classy tuxedo designed by Michael Cinco, a reputed Fashion Designer of the industry.


Felipe gained much fame all throughout the internet and media as soon as it was revealed that he would be associated with the new season of Love Island USA. Season 4 of ‘Love Island USA’ – the dating reality TV show has recently premiered on-air on Peacock TV on July 19, 2022. A set of singletons compete in physical challenges after choosing a partner to play the rest of the season. The eliminator is the one who fails to find an ideal partner in the game of the show. The couple who stays till the end is to receive a cash prize of $100,000.

Among the five featured male counterparts, international model, Felipe Gomes was one hot name. Although he could not make it till the end, the model has shared his intense experience as a contestant. He has nothing to regret as he followed his heart and intuitions, and made new and genuine friends. According to him, one chapter closes, the other opens. So, there’s nothing called regression as you need to focus on life’s goals and keep moving on. And of course, there seems nothing to regret when you get to enjoy the thrills of experiencing skydiving in Dubai where the show was shot and premiered. It was indeed an adventurous journey for Felipe Gomes.


His prestigious modeling career has kept him engaged with various reputed modeling agencies across the globe. Some noteworthy mentions are – Elite Model Management, Miami, US, Independent Model Management, Italy, East West Models, Germany, Artroom Model Agency, Istanbul, MMG Models, Dubai, Ideal People Model Management, Philippines and Ravage Model, Miami. Although Felipe grew in Sao Paulo, the 32 year old model considers Dubai as his home.


He is representated by several agencies, some of them we have already mentioned here. In April 2022, he walked for Michael Cinco from Dubai at the Los Angeles Fashion Week. He has even collaborated with luxurious brands such as Bulgari, John Bell & Croyden Jacques Bogart (French perfume brand). He was also featured in Esquire Middle East.


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