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Victor the good boss

Victor Oliveira is an American social media personality known professionally as Victor the good boss. He posts random videos of acts of kindness, offers jobs to homeless men and women, as well as drug abuse treatment.


Victor Oliveira started a non-profit organization called THE GOOD PROJECTCORP where he now saves lives one person at a time.


Victor Oliveira started a landscaping company in 2011 called VCO. "I was lucky enough to be successful in my industry, which allotted me the time to start THE GOOD PROJECT, which is my true passion. I started the good project simply by helping a man on the street. I saw that I could make a difference by saving one person at a time, so I started my non-profit organization. I took the time to build a team that I could trust and had the same vision as me and we started working," said Victor Oliveira.


THEGOODPROJECT is dedicated to improving the lives of those in need. "Our support network provides people with access to employment, recovery and housing opportunities. This would not be possible without our community of donors and nonprofit partners," said Victor Oliveira.