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The untold story of Rega Hillyer


Rega Hillyer was born in Auckland, New Zealand, into a traditional and loving family that valued higher education and the nurturing of talents and abilities. She completed a tertiary degree in Performance Music while still at school. After school, she won an academic scholarship to attend the University of Victoria, Wellington and graduated as an architect (Barch). However, at the end of my degree, he realized that this professional niche was not for him, and she was not attracted to the life and structure that it dictated.


She knew she needed to find her purpose in some other vocation. "To find the answer I was looking for, I embarked on a personal development crusade, considering that I was a recent graduate and at the time I was only 20 years old. I invested money that I did not have in myself, qualifying myself as a Certified Master in NLP, Master in Hypnosis, Time Dynamics Specialist, and Success Strategist, among other certifications and trainings," said Rega Hillyer.


Rega Hillyer then became involved in a number of wealth strategies, real estate investing, forex trading, sales, business building, and marketing. "My initial startups were extremely successful and I quickly made over a million dollars. And then, to everyone's surprise, I walked away from them. You see, I still wasn't satisfied running them, nor was I happy." Rega Hillyer explained.



In the meantime, shee had been casually helping and supporting some friends who were struggling with depression, drug addiction and low self esteem and when he achieved massive results with them he realized that this is seeing people heal, grow and learn. . "From here, I started my personal coaching and development business, Regan Hillyer International (RHI), which has now grown exponentially to become a global, multi-figure, live, online business. I formulated the system "Laser Coaching ™", which is an industry gold standard method that makes it easy for trained and certified trainers to achieve maximum results for their clients in microtime," explained Rega Hillyer.