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The incredible story of the musical artist Mont’e Millions


Mont’e Millions is not just a successful music artist; he also excels in being a book author. Just recently, his book “Sally: From the Country to the City” became Amazon’s number one best-seller, making him one of the most promising authors in the world today. Inspired by his book’s remarkable success online, the artist is working on releasing a second book, which will highlight Sally’s Christmas adventure. It is slated to be released during the holidays.


The artist has written other books prior to the release of “Sally: From the Country to the City,” including “Shattered Mirrors” and “The Best of Both Worlds.”

“Sally” is Mont’e Millions’ award-winning single, which became the inspiration behind the children’s book. It is a vibrant song that is perfect for any season and occasion. On Valentine’s Day 2023, the artist is scheduled to release another exciting single titled “Pretty Face.” Additionally, it would also excite fans to know that Mont’e Millions is expected to start a reality show sometime in 2023. Come April of the same year, he will kick off his tour.


The popular music artist is more than just his music. He is a well-educated individual, having completed his Associate of Arts, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees one after the other. He is also a thriving business mogul, the CEO and President of King of Diamonds Entertainment Inc., a known artist management outfit. Mont’e Millions Worldwide, on the other hand, is his company that houses his music, personal brand, publishing, and the distribution of movies and music for other rising artists in the industry today. He also owns Mont’e Millions LLC, a business builder and personal investment company, A Million Bubbles Car Wash, a beauty salon and barbershop called Sheila’s Hair Machine, and Sheila’s Soul Food and Catering Company.


On top of all that, Mont’e Millions is co-owner of Divine Ink Entertainment, Inc. and Divine Ink Publishing. Apart from his business engagements, he has also managed to thrive in his singing career. In fact, Mont’e was a featured performer in The Source Magazine’s Rolling Loud showcase, hip-hop’s premiere music festival experience. In addition, he was a special guest at the 2019 BMI Awards, appeared on the Atlanta Live TV show and Keisha Jordan talk show, and was interviewed by Tom Joyner on iHeartRadio. His debut album, My Life, sold 150,000 physical copies.


By sharing his story with the world, Mont’e Millions hopes to inspire the younger generation to pursue their dreams relentlessly, no matter what the odds may be.