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Ismael Gomez III, a Gifted and Innovative Storyteller

Ismael Gómez III is a Cuban-American mentor, speaker, and film director. Born and raised in Havana, Cuba, Gomez immigrated to the United States as a teenager. His constant obsession and inclination for storytelling led him to study a Bachelor's Degree in Communication with a mention in Cinematographic Studies.


Brimming with fresh ideas, Gomez spent her 20s creating compelling stories that centered on the dynamics of relationships and the existential themes of the human condition. Some of these titles like "Death of a Fool" and "Distance" were distributed globally on Amazon Prime Video. As an alumnus of the New York Film Academy, he also collaborated on projects that screened at the Miami, Cannes, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Denver International Film Festivals.


Ismael Gomez III told how his childhood was. "My parents got divorced when I was a teenager, which is a tremendously difficult time in anyone's life, and this made me determined to understand the psychology, motivation, and triggers of people. I wanted to understand why people fall apart. falls in love and falls out of love”, said Ismael Gómez III.


The obsession with understanding humbo behavior began when he emigrated from Cuba to the United States. "A few years later, I explored these ideas in film school when I started writing scripts and creating characters that would embody some of my personal experiences," said Ismael Gómez III.


Since then, Ismael Gomez III has used the knowledge to help clients make better decisions about their lives, relationships, and careers. "I think the most effective way people learn is through stories, so I try to use innovative ways as a visual storyteller to provide advice to those looking for guidance," said Ismael Gómez III.