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Greta, investment adviser


Greta is a great entrepreneur and an exemplary model expert in luxury real estate. People recognize her from videos and motivational speeches that she has given on various Social Networks. She is known in the Dubai nightlife as she wears luxury outfits from famous designers.

She made 10 million dollars in 6 months in real estate sales, fearing success as the main challenge but trusting in it and in the law of attraction. That way, everything would work out, she told us. She is a lover of the gym and paddle tennis. It motivates people to take care of their physical health and activities.


Greta, she also tells us, sees herself running a multi-million dollar real estate brokerage company in the not too distant future as a businesswoman.


Miss Greta is the best seller with more than 50 million sales in luxurious real estate


Her goal is to be more recognized and to be a luxury real estate agent in dubai.