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Carl Thompson: «I love creating content and being part of campaigns to raise awareness»


Carl Thompson is a seasoned writer, photographer and influencer with a passion for luxury men's style, personal care, cars, travel and the gentleman lifestyle. He was one of the first men in the UK influencer space to start his Men's Style Blog in 2012 to document his personal style. Over the years, his blog has morphed into an encyclopedia of the entire lifestyle of men and has created an online magazine with the content every man needs.


In August 2013, Carl founded premium shirt makers Hawkins and Shepherd and in February 2020 launched his second e-commerce business, the unisex jewelry brand DION DREYES, which donates 10% of sales to mental health charities. , something Carl discusses a lot on his Coffee & Crossing Roads Podcast which attracts special guests like Explorer Levison Wood and Le Mans Driver Darren Turner.


Always professional and highly respected in the industry, Carl has worked with some of the world's biggest brands including Tag Heuer, Jaguar, Formula-e, Creed Fragrances, Johnnie Walker, IWC, Gillette, Bollinger Champagne, Marks & Spencer, Reiss , Pokerstars , Qatar Airways and American Crew to name a few!


"I have long been a lover of jewelry and accessorizing my appearance. 3 years ago, when the idea for the brand began to float in my mind, I felt a mini-implosion inside the influencer bubble. I almost gave up. became a dirty word in some circles," Carl Thompson said.


"Personally, I've never felt this way because I love creating content and being a part of campaigns to raise awareness for the brands I'm normally a sponsor of. However, I felt it was time to try something new. I knew a lot about start-ups by having worked so closely with many brands, the time was right and I wanted a change of direction," said Carl Thompson.