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Alena Sevumian, a psychologist who takes pleasure in helping everyone

Alena Sevumian was born in Siberia, Russia. In 2020 he went to live in Europe. She is a practicing psychologist-sexologist, I consult mainly online, she is often approached by girls with low self-esteem, in destructive relationships, loss of libido, childhood trauma, etc. Alena Sevumian said that helping people gives her pleasure and a sense of usefulness to this world.


Alena Sevumian is engaged in counseling, helping people to increase their self-esteem, solve problems with sexual dysfunctions and improve their lives by getting rid of stereotyped frames and thoughts. "My own experience, mistakes and the desire to change my life and outlook pushed me to this path. I started with pumping sexual abilities, training intimate muscles, then entered the Institute of Psychology and at the same time sexology, which only increased my knowledge and experience, which I can safely share," said Alena Sevumian.


The biggest challenge was her divorce. "Staying with a child without financial support from her husband was hard enough learning how to earn money. Since then, I have remembered how important it is to be independent and trust in myself, which made me stronger. When times are tough , I try to soberly assess the situation, calm down with the help of meditation or personal therapy with my psychologist, and then ideas and new plans come" - Alena Sevumian.