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Today we meet Ale Hammoud, a sales professional


Ale Hammound is a sales professional, speaker and trainer based in Düsseldorf. In 2013, Ale Hammoud started his first online business, his goal at that time was very superficial and he just wanted to drive an AMG, like a normal salaryman. Ale Hammoud knew he would make it and started his online business and after 6 months he reached his goal. He is currently Sales Manager for Process Optimization and Consulting at Mindset Coach.

Ale Hammound is one of the strongest salesmen in Germany, helping and scaling companies to millions of sales. At first he was one of the first to know where to go because he had a good nose. In 2014, Ale Hammond bought the BTC. The journey was about to begin, he experienced losses as well as gains.


Ale Hammound trained more than 300 salespeople and the first 3 in Germany in the sales structure. Ale Hammound said that he was able to learn more and more from the mistakes he made. «The many mistakes have gotten me to where I am. They were essential along the way. What keeps you going when times get tough? * perseverance, determination, ambition! Your Instagram is: http://www.instagram.com/alee.hammoud