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Hayden Monteleone, a spectacular model

Hayden Monteleone is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. He was born in Queen, New York. Hayden Monteleone worked on several projects "Ragnaron", Teyana Taylor's "YTP" music video, Blac Chyna. Magazines such as bleu magazine, Adon magazine, Closet magazine and many more, also working with renowned photographers throughout the country.


Hayden Monteleone told us that all his life he was always inclined towards the world of athletics and was always obsessed with musculature. “I always wanted to look like a superhero and natural portrayals like Bruce Lee... I started training after I got into basketball, and I decided to do something fundamental with my life, compared to what I experienced growing up, and I didn't want to be known anymore! like tall and skinny! My family (wife and daughter) are my main driving force,” said Hayden Monteleone.


Hayden Monteleone said that his goals are to achieve freedom, peace and tranquility in all facets of his life and that of his family.


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