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“Emma Sophia Kotos”


Emma Kotos is an American model, actress, and social media celebrity. She is most known for her risqué photos and videos on Instagram @emmakotos and other social media platforms. As of recently, she has accumulated over 1 million Instagram followers. Kotos has also modeled for Fashion Nova, Honey Birdette, Fredericks of Hollywood, and other huge brands. She has currently signed with an acting agency in Los Angeles and is working on breaking into the acting industry.

Emma Kotos says believe it will work. “Whatever you think will work, I think social media personality will be the best angle as I have worked for brands on social media and have the most followers on my Instagram,” Ema Kotos said.


Ema Kotos talked about what she will do in the coming years. “In the next two years, I see myself dabbling in the acting industry as much as I can, learning as much as I can about the industry, and I would also love to create my own brand in the future,” said Ema Kotos.


Also, Ema Kotos explained her dreams. “I wish someone would have told me to believe in myself more and trust my abilities to achieve my dreams,” said Ema Kotos.