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COCONUT KITTY: «Success for me is peace of mind, joy and laughter


Coconut Kitty is a very successful woman. “Success for me is peace of mind, joy and laughter. You can have all the money in the world, I've made millions, but I've learned that money doesn't bring happiness," said Coconut Kitty.


With the digital boom, and new technologies, Coconut Kitty decided to create the coco kitty character from her paintings in digital form. This is how Coconutkitty143 was created.

 Coconut Kitty said that it is a woman's show. “I take my own photos using a timer. I don't work with photographers. I edit my photos by hand without using apps. I started a trend, because I enjoy my private life and by creating the character I did I was able to go from 700k followers to 3 million in 2 months. I went from earning 20,000 a month to 150,000 a month. My character organically exploded," said Coconut Kitty.