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sameh Radwan, the king of marketing


Sameh Radwan is a renowned serial entrepreneur in the digital marketing industry who has both the experience and passion to help organizations achieve new levels of sustainable success.

As the founder of MOGUL, Sameh has over 10 years of extensive experience involving the intricacies of branding, omnichannel eCommerce/Amazon campaigns, and high-converting PPC advertising, and has a long-standing reputation as a guide to marketers. business leaders toward optimal scalability and brand exposure.

Throughout his career, Sameh has earned substantial status as a high performance marketing leader in various areas of the industry.

Fast-forward to today, Sameh's experiences have involved leading a $100 million marketing budget, collaborating with elite names like Kendall Jenner, and designing, developing, and executing customer-centric strategies that are proven to increase awareness and credibility. of the Internet for the product / brand names by double or more. Now, taking that 360-degree marketing dynamism and intertwining it with his rich history of business development and cross-functional leadership, Sameh created MOGUL. From its first launch in 2020 to now, MOGUL has become a fast-growing Amazon/marketing agency management resource and one with a long-standing track record in guiding companies to achieve illustrious brand and marketing excellence within the competitive digital market.

Get to know him more on his social networks like @samehradwan (TikTok, Instagram and Twitter)